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Taking ACTION is our middle name! The purpose of our organization is to encourage a pro active stance to rid our country of the most serious crisis it faces: The War On Drugs.

There is no doubt that America's prohibition laws have caused immense damage to our society. Draconian laws like the "RAVE act" (which is now law) strike at the core American values of freedom. America has entered a dark time, but we can change that if we work together and make our voice heard!

What we all must do is take action to end recreational substance prohibition, and replace it with real regulation - study after study proves that this is the only way to remove the profits from the illegal drug trade and shut the drug black market down for good. Ending prohibition will reduce crime and finally bring freedom and safety back to America.

Here at the action center, we want to assist you in taking action to help our nation. Here's a 5 point plan for getting started:

1) LEARN THE FACTS - Read the Drug War FAQ, and read the other materials on this site, and on the sites listed below as educational links. Read Judge James Gray's excellent book, and the other books in our BOOK STORE. If you have children, make sure you check out the Safety First site and DOWNLOAD their free booklet, endorsed by the PTA!

2) DISCUSS THE TRUTH - Talk to your family and friends about the issue. What are their viewpoints and what shaped their views? Encourage them to learn as you have.

3) TELL THE POLITICIANS - Write letters to your Congressional representative and Senators. Hand signed letters are best, and each letter received through the mail is often considered to represent as many as 5000 voters. Your voice counts - and it's easy to contact your representative! Just enter your zip code in the box on the right, and we'll tell you exactly how to contact your representatives - you can even send them a fax or email through the online form! (powered by www.congress.org)

4) VOICE YOUR OPINON - Write letters to the editor of your local papers, and even national magazines. A letter to the editor is simple to do and is one of the most effective ways of being heard - to make it easier for you, read this tip sheet: 10 Steps to Getting Press. And you can find out the media outlets near you by entering your zip code in the media box on the right!

5) GET OTHERS INVOLVED - Form a local community group, or a group within an existing community organization like the PTA.

Educational links


Essays on the War On Drugs.

The history of drugs and the War On Drugs.

Current news on the War On Drugs.


The November Coalition www.november.org

The Drug Policy Alliance www.drugpolicy.org

Common Sense for Drug Policy site www.csdp.org

Drug War Facts at www.drugwarfacts.org

TRUTH - The Anti Drug War -
See Brian Bennet's pages of facts and figures.

Just-Say-Know! www.just-say-know.com

MAP-DrugSense News archive at www.mapinc.org/drugnews/

Online Drug Library at www.druglibrary.org

Links to politicians

You can use our convenient online zip code search in the upper right of this page, or go to these sites that will help you get in touch with the politicians that represent you

For access to your congressmen and women, try

For your state leaders, try //www.vote-smart.org/

Tips on writing letters to the editor

Here are some PDF files with tips to help you get the most from the press!

  • New -- 10 Steps to Getting Press A tip sheet by Tony Newman and Shayna Samuels, Drug Policy Alliance
  • Tips On Writing Letters To The Editor, by Richard Lake, MAPINC

  • Other action centers for related organizations

    Common Sense For Drug Policy
    The November Organization
    The Drug Policy Alliance
    The ACLU

    Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens, Drugs, and Drug Education was written to provide parents with the tools needed to evaluate and discuss strategies for protecting their teenagers from drug abuse.

    Download your free copy in English or Spanish, from the Drug Policy Alliance

    SafetyFirst.PDF (177K)

    SeguridadPrimero.PDF (199K)

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    Book Of The Month:
    Buy and read the book that reveals the tragic facts of America's War On Drugs!
    Written by Superior Court Judge James Gray, "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It" provides the most recent research and facts on the drug war, and sets a plan for what we can all do to end America's drug and crime crisis! Click here for more on Judge James Gray!

    CLICK HERE For more great books at the Drug Action Network STORE!
    Help Us End The War!
    If you are concerned for the future of your children, and of our country, we need your help! Click Here for a list of positions we are seeking to fill
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