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This Month's Message From Our Founder

America's Clear And Present Crisis

There is little doubt that the most pressing crisis in America today is the so-called War On Drugs. This modern day prohibition has created an environment that affects all of us, in ways that might not be immediately apparent.

What study after study has shown is that the drug prohibition laws have not only failed completely, but have actually made matters worse.

For instance, as a result of the current drug laws, use among teenagers is up over 7 times over the last 35 years. Overall, homicides are an order of magnitude higher than they were in pre-prohibition days. Crime in general is substantially higher - higher as a result of the drug prohibition.

The reason? Drug prohibition does virtually nothing to stop people from making, selling, buying or using drugs. In fact prohibition encourages illegal drugs because prohibition keeps drug profits high for drug dealers. These high profits are supported by the government's prohibition policies which create our current unregulated drug black market.

The Black Mark Of Black Markets

Of course, with all black markets come severely increased crime and many other tragic injuries to society. Have you stopped for a moment to think about why our cities are plagued with graffiti? Simple - gangs marking their territory. Gangs supported by illegal drug money. Gangs that would disappear if prohibition were replaced with regulation.

Have you wondered why so many innocent Americans have been killed by police officers? It's because the police have been resorting to terror tactics as a way to enforce the nation's unjust drug laws. Further, the police have become more reliant on paid, anonymous informants. These informants often provide incorrect or dishonest information. The result has been a terrible denial of freedom and civil rights for Americans.

The huge money flow outside this country to drug lords demonstrates the ultimate futility of our nation's policies - the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars of potential tax revenues ending up in the pockets of criminals.

Even gun owners have been subjected to more and more severe gun control laws as a result of the crime wave caused by the war on drugs.

F is for Failure

The drug war has made drugs MORE prevalent in schools, resulted in destroyed civil rights and freedoms, provided higher profits for drug dealers, taken hundreds of billions of dollars in annual tax revenues away from valuable government programs, and promoted higher crime throughout our country.

In other words, the "War On Drugs" has not only failed - it has made matters worse for all of us. The biggest obstacle to winning the war on drugs is the war on drugs itself. It really does not matter if you are for or against recreational substance use - the war on drugs must be brought to an end.


Andrew Somers
Drug Action Network

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