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History Of Drugs

The Drug War
In A Nutshell

PBS/Frontline Created this Drug Chronology

A History Of Drugs and American Drug Laws

A history of Recreational Substances and related laws in America. This five part in depth series of articles really exposes the underlying history of recreational substances and the failed War on Some Drugs:


A General History of Recreational Substances.

A link to the Encyclopedia Britannica's article on Drug War History.
This New York Times article discusses the history of the Opium wars between Great Britain and China.

The article starts out:

HONG KONG — In 1840, Britain went to war with China over questions of trade, diplomacy, national dignity and, most importantly, drug trafficking. While British officials tried to play down the illicit origins of the conflict, opponents gave it a name that made the link quite clear: the Opium War.

The war's settlement forced Chinese ports open and gave Hong Kong to Britain. It began what China calls the Century of Humiliation,...

The story behind the War on Drugs that Richard Nixon started is both shocking and sickening. Link to an article by Mark J. Perry.

NPR's timeline of the drug war at this link.

A Brief History of Drugs at the Drug Policy Alliance.

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