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Human Resource Needs

Ways and Means Administrator - Will be responsible for researching and writing grant applications, developing funding concepts, and overseeing administration of funds. This is an official board member position.

Publications Manager - Will manage the development and design of printed matter, and work with the web designer for a consistent design aesthetic. Graphic arts experience required.

Web Page Designer - Will design and administer the various websites of the organization. Must be capable with mod_perl, mySQL and graphic design, with an emphasis on a clean, institutional aesthetic.

Location Coordinator - Will orchestrate placement of booths at various parties, raves, and clubs. Individual will also coordinate volunteer forces to man the booths, and ensure that appropriate materials are available.

Board Member Positions - We are seeking qualified Parents, Teachers, and Doctors to help form our advisory board to ensure that we develop effective print, video and other educational materials.

Volunteers - We need an army of volunteers to help us distribute information, man booths at clubs and events, and assist our efforts in many other ways.

Other Needs/Donations
Internet Connection - We need to add to our bandwidth and provide a streaming server to provide multimedia content on the web.

Contact Us Today and Get Involved!

Click here to email us at info@drugactionnetwork.com

We hope that you can become involved with us. We are embarking on a journey towards a safer, healthier society. While many journeys may seem impossibly long from the beginning, they all start with simple first steps. We encourage you to take those steps with us, because together we can make a difference.


Andrew M. Somers
D.A.N. Founder and President

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