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Buy and read the book that reveals the tragic facts of America's War On Drugs! bookcover Written by Superior Court Judge James Gray, "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It" provides the most recent research and facts on the drug war, and sets a plan for what we can all do to end America's drug and crime crisis! Click here for more on Judge James Gray!

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Educational Links:

Excellent site for parents - Learn to speak to your teens about drugs:

Education and harm prevention articles of interest:

Dance Safe, a major harm prevention/responsible use organization:

Clear, objective information on recreational substances:

Drug War &

Legislation Links:

Pete Guither's Drug War Rant - a daily blog on the drug war.

Innocent people are injured and die as a result of the drug war:

Don't believe the war on drugs is close to YOUR home? Read this from Human Rights Watch:

Brian Bennett's "Truth:The Anti Drug War". An analysis of costs associated with the war on drugs.

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, an organization seeking to preserve freedom and democracy by improving the criminal justice system.

Lists of links relating to the War On Some Drugs:

Facts about the drug war:

Information at the Media Awareness Project:

Some common sense for drug policy is needed!

What the war on drugs is doing to our constitution:

A library resource on drugs and drug policy

The Federation of American Scientists provides some insights:

Know someone who is imprisoned due to the war on drugs? Go here:

Want to find out how you can help stop the insane war on drugs? Check out these sites:

Free expression is a casuality in the war on drugs:

Ways to Get Involved

Want to write your Congressman/Senator and let them know that the war on drugs is morally wrong? Here's a site that makes it easy to communicate with your elected representatives!


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