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To help you read and learn, here are several books worth getting...And with our association with Amazon, you get very low prices and easy ordering - plus, Amazon pays the Drug Action Network for every book you buy!

We all need to learn and understand the truth behind the War On Drugs, and spread that information to everyone we know.

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Busted: Stone Cowboys, Narco-Lords and Washington's War on Drugs
By Mike Gray

In assessing the famed campaign of the subtitle, Gray (Drug Crazy) has brought together 33 contributors, often journalist-analysts with access to sources that vary from coca farmers in Colombia to former drug czar Barry McCaffrey. The majority agrees that the war on drugs is an exercise in futility. Journalist Ethan Nadelmann believes the policy has failed because U.S. politicians prefer "rhetoric to reality, and moralism to pragmatism." Craig Reinarman and Joshua Wolf Shenk probe the psychology behind Americans' legal, illegal, and prescribed relationships to mind-altering substances, and report that U.S. drug warriors "fear Dutch drug policy like the Catholic Church feared Galileo."

Gray, chair of the advocacy group Common Sense for Drug Policy, has collected a vibrant group of thinkers; the opinions are diverse, and the quality of writing consistently high. Most of what they say won't be surprising to critics of U.S. drug policy, but having the arguments in one place and in an accessible format should be a boon to campus and lay readers.
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Human Rights and the US Drug War
By Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris, Virginia Resner

An evaluation of US Drug War policy in the context of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the US Bill of Rights. Analysis plus more than 20 case stories to illustrate how current US policy is a direct violation of the approved international standard for human rights, including the right to privacy, to medicine, to family, to culture, to religion, and to property. Furthermore it catalogs violations of due process and the increasing use of cruel and unusual punishments in the form of mandatory minimum sentences and establishing the death penalty for non-violent drug offenses.

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Maximizing Harm:
Losers and Winners in the Drug War

By Stephen Young

A short, easy-to-read, yet thoroughly documented guide to the drug war.

The drug policies of the United States have consistently made drug problems worse, not better. Fatal flaws in the policies ensure problems will intensify. While lawmakers have enough information to understand this pattern, not only do they ignore it, they strive to keep such information away from the public.

Actually, the amount of information challenging the drug war is overwhelming. Maximizing Harm gives a brief introduction to the central issues in the drug war: why it can't work; who gets hurt; who profits; why it doesn't just end; and who is working for peace.

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Operation Pseudo Miranda:
A Veteran of the CIA Drug Wars Tells All

By Kenneth C. Bucchi

From this former CIA operative comes an exciting, fast-paced, and unsettling account of a top-secret operation that was designed to put the American government in effective control of some of South America's biggest drug cartels. Bucchi describes the origins of this hush-hush plan and the man who saw an opportunity to divert huge sums of money for his own purposes.

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Ending the War on Drugs
By Dirk Chase Eldredge

Eldredge, a former Reagan campaigner and entrepreneur, believes that America's War on Drugs is an utter failure, and he pleads for legalization. Arguing that nothing seems to have been learned from the experiment with Prohibition, he points out the negative impacts of the drug war on crime rates, corruption, prison crowding, public health, civil liberties, and race relations. He proposes that the government sell illicit drugs in a system similar to state liquor stores, with the profits used for treatment and education. He argues that realizing there will always be a market for mind-altering substances will permit us to search for a "good" realistic solution rather than the "perfect" chimera of total interdiction.

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